The Player Charter

Charter of Incorporation

This document serves to outline the rules, direction and ideals of Buzzekill Incorporated, hereafter referred to as BK Inc. We the undersigned do declare that we shall follow and abide by these documents for so long as we remain operational as an incorporated entity, and that any future partners who shall become members of, or subordinates of BK Inc. shall also abide by these documents.

BK Inc. is an organization dedicated to the exploration of new lands and territories for the benefit of all members of the organization.

There shall be at any time, no more officers than the following: Presiding Officer, Assistant Presiding Officer, Laird of the Treasury, and Scribe. These officers are elected by the fully vested active members of the organization and will serve a term of no more than 1 year. Only fully vested, active members of the organization can serve as officers. The duties of the officers are as follows:

Presiding Officer: This officer shall serve as executive of the organization and has the final say for all business related activities that the organization undertakes. This does not include decisions related to explorational activities undertaken by members or subordinates of the organization.

Assistant Presiding Officer: This officer shall assist the Presiding Officer in the business decisions of the organization and serves as advisor to the Presiding Officer.

Laird of the Treasury: This officer shall maintain the records of all lands, treasures, artifacts and weapons that belong to the organization, and who currently has possession of this property. If the organization dissolves, this officer will work with the Presiding Officer and Assistant Presiding Officer to distribute the property of the organization amicably and equally to fully vested, active and probationary members.

Scribe: This officer shall maintain records of membership. This includes members who are fully vested, probationary or subordinate.

Any lands, treasures, artifacts or experiental rewards are property of BK Inc. and shall be utilized by organizational members as required. Members who have obtained full membership of BK Inc. shall retain the right to a full share of any lands, treasures, artifacts, weapons or experiental rewards acquired by BK Inc.. Members who have not achieved full status in the organization, or who are subordinates to full members shall only receive lands, treasures, artifacts, weapons or experiental rewards at the sole discretion of full and active members of BK Inc.. If a full, vested member, probationary member, or subordinate member leaves the organization, they are to relinquish all lands, treasures, artifacts or weapons back to the organization and shall retain no rights to any such property.

Names and Titles:
Members who have not been vested in the organization shall be referred to as “Meatesheeld” until such time as the full, vested members of the organization declare that they have passed their probationary period and have earned full rights, privileges and the right to have names and titles in the organization.

Dissolution of Incorporation:
At any point that a 4/5 majority of fully vested, active members decide to dissolve the organization, all lands, treasures, artifacts and weapons shall be distributed to the fully vested members only. A purse of treasure shall be retained for any probationary members at the time. Subordinate members shall only receive treasure at the discretion of their superior, and shall be taken out of the superior’s share.

Thus by our hands, these articles have been written this ________ day of ____________ in the year _________.


The Player Charter

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