Welcome to Gothic Greyhawk


We’ll be using Obsidian Portal as a functional tool for putting up Wiki information, maps, and use the forums for coordinating games. We’re test driving the free version first. Campaign related stuff and musing usually gets posted on my blog, but we’ll see how it goes here – it might be fun to fill it out and do some customization.

This is an old school D&D campaign that started in the summer of 2010; we’ve been using a mix of retro clones and versions of classic D&D, and recently converted all the way to AD&D 1E. The early campaign featured elements of Gothic Horror (in Greyhawk), but now that the characters are in the mid-levels, it’s using a heavy dose of the classic 1E AD&D modules that took place in Greyhawk.

Thanks for checking out our place!

Gothic Greyhawk

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