Until otherwise specified, all magic user scrolls are in Moore’s backpack and all clerical scrolls are in Mordercai’s backpack.

Magic User Scroll 1

  • Read languages, Sleep, Hold Portal
  • Dispel Magic

Magic User Scroll 2

  • Charm Person, Charm Person, Light
  • Phantasmal Force, Wizard Lock
  • Water Breathing, Hold Person
  • Telekinesis, Magic Jar

Magic User Scroll 3

  • Charm Person
  • Polymorph Self, Polymorph Others

Cleric Scroll 1

  • Protection from Evil
  • Know Alignment
  • Sticks to Snakes
  • Blade Barrier

Cleric Scroll 2

  • Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Evil, Resist Cold
  • Know Alignment, Snake Charm, Speak with Animals
  • Cure Blindness, Animal Growth, Locate Object

Cleric Scroll 3

  • Flame Strike

Cleric Scroll 4

  • Raise Dead


  • The Gypsy of Barovia promised the party a Raise Dead cast on their behalf…
  • Kobra has one free re-roll as a gift from the Lady of Dawn


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